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From English, French and German to Italian


I am Dr. Chiara Zanone, an Italian professional translator and I can assist you with the translation of your documents from English, French and German to Italian.

Only an efficient translation can improve the global presence of your company and bring it closer to its target market. Entrust your translations to someone who speaks your language, understands local differences and can help you with high quality services.

I can offer you the following services:
Linguistic consultancies
Brand name linguistic analysis

In the following fields:
Marketing and advertising: advertising brochures and leaflets, promotional material, packaging, corporate communication, press releases in these sectors: fashion, cosmetics, design, food
Hospitality and travel: marketing material for independent hotels and hotel companies, travel guides and features, local tourism, museums and exhibitions catalogues
Information technology IT: e-commerce, website, software and app, online catalogues, online advertising (texts, ads, banners, etc.), social media
Medical: pharmacology, medical devices

The translation of marketing and communication materials requires more than just terminology and linguistic knowledge. It requires creative and writing skills, as well as an ability to convey the original tone while understanding cultural differences in order to attract your clients everywhere in the world. I can adapt English, French and German advertising and promotional texts for the Italian market. This service, increasingly in demand on today’s globalized markets, is called transcreation. I can also offer linguistic consultancy and brand name services to foreign companies planning to enter the Italian market.

I work with Trados Studio 2021.

My clients include
Translation agencies, communication and advertising agencies, institutions and private professionals.

My mission is to provide customers with a translation service that assures best language and quality standards through my field experience.

“Always improving, finding perfection” is my slogan because:
– I always strive for the best translation.
– I engage in ongoing training.
Because in life there is always something else to learn in order to produce a translation of a very high quality. I strongly believe in the principle of specialisation: in high dynamic fields such as marketing and communication or medicine, it is important to keep up-to-date with more recent findings and evolutions. This obviously requires a constant commitment to developing and improving further knowledge and competencies.

Serving customers around the world since 2007!

For a language consultancy, a free quote or any other information contact me at:

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